We promote active learning in a warm, safe, and nurturing environment.

Our Mission

To continually provide families with the best child care by treating children, parents, and employees with fairness and respect, and by providing all children with a comfortable, nurturing, and safe environment.

Our Philosophy

group of kids with their teacher

We believe that parents want the best for their children and the peace of mind that their childcare provider is doing just that. We believe that all children are unique individuals and deserve unique attention to ensure they realize their greatest potential for success. We have dedicated our efforts to obtaining the highest quality resources, training, and amenities to provide exceptional childcare in an enriched, safe, secure, and loving environment. Our programs are geared toward building character, self-confidence, self-esteem, and school readiness while giving your child a strong foundation to experience life challenges.

Children here are encouraged to be children; we do not believe they are small adults. The individual progress, growth, and development of every child are important to us. The environment at the Center promotes learning while having fun during the process. Through a mixture of hands-on experiences, group activities, and individual play, our children develop the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills necessary for all aspects of life and growth.

We believe…

  • That children are precious and must receive care from adults who are capable and caring—whose values enable them to be excellent role models.
  • That children should experience numerous positive learning milestones, leading to an increased sense of competence and independence.
  • That children’s play is extremely vital to healthy physical development, acceptable social skills, and cognitive growth.
  • That teachers, drawing upon their training and experience, must create an appropriate educational environment which carefully guides children from one developmental level to another.
  • That parents contribute to and enhance the quality of care offered at Active Learning Center #4.

Our Goals

The following are the basic goals for the children who are in our care:

  • to become independent and learn to be in control of their emotions
  • to be able to express and deal with the emotions they have
  • to learn how other’s express and deal with emotions
  • to develop empathy with others
  • to be able to interact effectively with others, regardless of perceived differences
  • to be able to respect others and the property of others
  • to be able to function well in a group setting
  • to be able to understand why they should cooperate with others
  • to be able to develop meaningful friendships
  • to develop large and small motor skills
  • to learn the importance of good nutrition and good hygiene
  • to develop lifelong, healthy habits
  • to develop a lifetime love of learning
  • to learn observation and discussion skills
  • to build a love for reading
  • to build upon their natural curiosity
  • to develop the foundation needed to advance in the primary grades

If you want to know more about us and our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will address your concerns or inquiries as soon as we can.