We instill the help of our dependable staff to nurture the young minds of our learners.
teacher with her students taking a photo with a horse

The people who work for our learning center know the value of nurturing the minds of young learners and spend each day not only imparting knowledge but also learning from children as well. Our teaching staff is a group of competent, trusted, and caring individuals who find joy in creating a bond with each of their students and shaping them into well-rounded and independent individuals. They share a common unwavering passion for teaching and also work with parents to promote active family involvement in every child’s stage of development.

Our Staff Members

  • Lloyd Beal

    Lloyd Beal Owner

  • Alexa Beal

    Alexa Beal Director and Chief Operating Officer

  • Anastasia Beal

    Anastasia Beal Cook, Directors Assistant, Shift Lead

  • Letisia Marquez

    Letisia Marquez Shift Lead and Lead Twos Teacher

  • Holly Judd

    Holly Judd Shift Lead and Lead AM Preschool Teacher

  • Maritza Valenzuela

    Maritza Valenzuela Lead Mid Infants Teacher

  • Maggie Reyes

    Maggie Reyes Lead AM Ones Teacher

  • Claudia Palacios

    Claudia Palacios Lead AM Infants

  • Rebecca Payan

    Rebecca Payan Lead PM Ones Teacher

  • Abigail Cabrera

    Abigail Cabrera Lead PM Preschool Teacher

  • Joanna Tafolla

    Joanna Tafolla Lead Teacher

  • Zibiba Mills

    Zibiba Mills Member

  • Jacqueline Ruiz

    Jacqueline Ruiz Lead PM Infants Teacher

  • Linda Sandoval

    Linda Sandoval Member

  • Rachell Morales

    Rachell Morales Member

  • Amanda Beal

    Amanda Beal Chief Financial Officer

  • Carla Fort

    Carla Fort Teachers Aide

  • Jasmine Requejo

    Jasmine RequejoAM Lead

  • Angelica Saladgo

    Angelica SaladgoTeacher’s Aide

If you want to know more about our dedicated educators, please feel free to contact us at 602-272-3609.